(4535)#foodfodie | Impossible Foods slashes prices by 15% for distributors


"Impossible Foods has seen record production month after month thanks to the collaboration with our co-manufacturer, OSI," the spokesperson said via email. "Since coming on board last summer, OSI has continued to expand production of the Impossible Burger — now producing at multiple plants. We also continue to manufacture at our first production facility in Oakland, California."

Impossible's new partnership with Disney appears to be the fruit of these improvements, signaling a greater supply stability.


The deal comes just a few months after Brown told Reuters "it would be stupid" for Impossible to pursue a deal with McDonald's because of its inadequate supply — a statement the company later walked back, stating that it "would never blow off or disrespect a potential customer and any suggestion that we would do that now is complete nonsense."

Still, Brown's initial statement reflects the supply shortage Impossible suffered last year after partnering with Burger King, a move that more than doubled its restaurant footprint at the time and left both independent restaurants and major chains like White Castle and Red Robin in a lurch. The production issues were bad for brand perception and Impossible's restaurant count — during the shortage, some restaurants chose to partner with Beyond Meat instead to regain a steady supply of plant-based patties. 

The timing of the Disney deal and the product price reductions, however, suggest that Impossible can withstand the demand of the new partnership without last year's hiccups. What remains to be seen is if the new price reduction for its products will drive an uptick in partnerships or lure other major chains like McDonald's away from Beyond Meat and other rival providers. 

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